The Last Day - Prologue - Stalking verification tool.

Just answer with the full link of the one you picked to have a confirmation it is the correct one.
Q6 and Q8 have 2 different possible answers.

Thanks Aldcoran for the suggestion!

(There's no prize for solving this ITH)

Question 1
Near Tokyo, another kind of skyline.


Question 2
On the floor, it's not spaghetti.


Question 3
It's not efficient to kill hornets with gatlings. Well, it depends on their size.


Question 4
Trouble ahead.


Question 5
Under the ocean, a dream city.


Question 6
Lions shouldn't be able to fly! And breath fire!


Question 7
On a space station you can't be picky with what you eat.


Question 8
She loves you, she sees you as her superhero.