Find(「・Θ・ )Find( 「・Θ・)Find[Time limit 2020 Halloween]

👻Happy Halloween!🎃

Well, someday.😉

By the way, I always like cucumbers.🥒
*Cucumbers have nothing to do with this issue.*

Question 1
But I also like sweets.
There are chocolate, candy, anpan, chocolate bread, and so on.😋🍫🍬🍞

By the way, you talked about candy, right?
In Japanese, it is pronounced "Ame (dama)".
Rain in the weather forecast is also pronounced "Ame".
I feel that there are more such things than in other countries.┐(´Θ`)┌Oh..

That's probably why my space translator always explodes and blows fire!
💣💻🔥。゚(。pΘq。)゚。cry cry...

Let's talk about the devil at the place.👿 Omg!? ε=ε=(*ノ>Θ<)ノ 👽
Yes, Halloween is near, so it's okay, right?

e? There was a devil! 👿(( ̄皿 ̄))  (-Θ・*)Oh..
I think he insists on me that he likes sweets.

I think it's another extraterrestrial life that claims to be the devil.
Superstitions are horrifying.┐(´Θ`)┌

e? The devil told me his name by introducing himself, so he asked me to tell me my name.

His name?
Did you hear something strange?

Can anyone please tell me the answer?