Babelize it!

Simply type in the game that the babelized quotes come from and you're done!

Question 1
It thanks Mario! But our princess is in doing not complicate a castle!


Question 2
It is risked, as goes. For it carries this!


Question 3
This is the time to kick the donkey and chews the bubble eraser. .. and I all am eraser


Question 4
Its entire base is belonged to those


Question 5
They are people dead of the dysenterie


Question 6
For nutritious a roll of barrel!


Question 7
For it pays never never of 20 dollars for a play for the computer


Question 8
She the prophet of spoony!


Question 9
War. Of ever to do of changes of struggle.


Question 10
For go for the pipe of eyes! For it concern itself for the eyes!!