Gate of Atonement

You've found your way to the cave alright. A local farmer knew quickly what you came for and just waved you on in the right direction. Fools apparently ask directions every now and then.

Lighting your oil lantern and walking inside you can see the door right away. You can also see - and smell - a heap of rotted corpses just beyond it.

A little fairy sits on a small bench to the right of the door - dangling her semi-transparent feet.

"Would you like to buy divine armor before going through?", she asks?

"Excuse me, what?"

"Divine armor. You want to buy some?", she asks bemused.

"And how does that work?"

"Well... as you can see", she points through the door, "going through to the underworld triggers a divine smite. It's impossible to predict how hard it will hit next time exactly, but ... many people underestimate its strength. The door is supposed to lead into the land of the dead, after all."


"I can sell health points for 10 GP per point, and magical divine armor for 4GP per point."
She pauses for a second looking you up and down.
"You currently have 27 health points, and 268 points of divine armor on you."

"Uhm, OK, but how does divine armor help?"

"Divine armor absorbs up to 80% of incoming damage (rounded up) and is then reduced by the absorbed amount. The rest of damage applies to your health points. As long as you have at least 1 health point, you stay alive."

You nod.

"So, what's it going to be, you going to buy something or what?"

You check your bag. You have 4155 GP on you. Worldly possessions won't be of much use in the underworld.

You decide to maximize your survivability:

Question 1
How many health points do you buy?


Question 2
How many divine armor points do you buy?