Journal Page #1 Challenge

Welcome members, to the Journal Page #1 Challenge!

If you can decode and answer all three of these riddles, you'll receive a printer friendly version of my private notes on Soos for your very own Journal! That way all the members of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel can build their own update-able Journal to keep track of all of the secrets of Gravity Falls!

Good luck!

KEY: D=2 A=K

HINT: If a riddle's answer is a number, then enter the NUMERAL - not the word for the number.

Question 1
Rebmun eht rof drow eht ton rebmun eht deen tsuj i.


Question 2
Tcefrep saw riah sih dna thgin tsal etal detalitum tog ydal dlo elttil.


Question 3
Og eht no tae nac uoy snaeb fo etsat taerg eht!