Apple Pie

Solve this for a treat!

Question 1
Who helped Oberon transform into a force of pure Wild Magic?
Shards of Fate


Question 2
Though his exterior is now Ruby, his soul remains Wild. And we still serve his will.
Armies of Myth


Question 3
Sailors abandoned ship for this "fair lass aquatic".


Question 4
What about the wind is unknowable?
Scars of War


Question 5
When the trees along the path become dark and singed, that's sign you've entered the...?
Scars of War


Question 6
Enjoy riddles, do you?
Shattered Destiny


Question 7
Who extracts souls through torture to fuel their magic?
Shards of Fate


Question 8
Squirrels love to follow him everywhere.


Question 9
Who helps those they deem worthy?
Shards of Fate


Question 10
These same stars that watched over our ancestors shall also keep their gaze fixed on our descendants.
Shattered Destiny