Second Cipher Challenge

Welcome members, to the Second Cipher Challenge!

Best these three riddles to get your hands on the Second Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Secret Decoder Disk - containing the new code for upcoming challenges and MEMBERS ONLY secret messages!

Good luck!

KEY: D=1 A=V

HINT: Never be afraid to try an answer. If it's wrong, it will unlock a hint to help you solve the riddle!

Question 1
Write it out EXACTLY like the solution to the original code! (Make sure to add spaces between initials.)


Question 2
Tesolc eht ni mih gnidih er'uoy wonk I!


Question 3
Retaw evres ot desu ksac eht rof mret lacituan eht morf gnivired, pissog ro romur snaem egasu gnals ni ttubelttucs.