The Last Day - Prologue

Another shitty day in SteelGates City.
Another shitty day at the Detective Agency.
Another shitty day you have to survive.
Another shitty day the world as you know is going to survive.

It’s been a month since your last job.

You look at your ever-present assistant’s contrived smile and a feeling of nausea wraps around your throat. It feels like there’s something different about him lately, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly. You just know that it makes you even more sick of him than usual.

As you hang your brown hat on your brown coat rack, he informs you that this morning he found an envelope lying on the floor near the front door. He put it on your desk, he says.

You reach the old-style manila envelope with a couple of long strides and observe it closely. No name, no address. Some weirdo must have slipped it through the slit under the door. The procedures would require to call the authorities for potential chemical or bacteriological hazard. You heard the stories in the past. But your D. A. is literally a shithole, so it’d be unlikely for someone to attack it, and, honestly, you don’t care. You pull the string of the envelope and open it.

Inside it, just a sheet of paper. It reads:

What the hell is this? There isn’t enough data to sketch out a profile.

Furthermore, you ask yourself what that list is supposed to be. Are those riddles?

Even the code, familiar on a first look, is odd. It seems to be from the Identify, Track, and Harness system, ITHs for short: an automated system at the disposal of any citizen who have Access. It allows you to transmit data about a person of interest to a central hub and, if deemed useful, a reward will be issued to the one filing the report. You don’t precisely know how it works, what they do after they get the data or how they determine if the data are correct, no one really knows, but these days it’s the fastest way to easy money.

So you decide to jack into your terminal and try and use the code anyway.