Gideon Guise Challenge

Welcome members, to the Gideon Guise Challenge!

If you can crack and solve all five of this week's riddles, you'll get a download of a personally designed page torn from Lil' Gideon's Fun Time Activity Book!

NOTE: This challenge has been reduced from five to three riddles to decrease it's difficulty.

KEY: D=2 A=E

HINT: You'll need the Second Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel Decoder Disk (D=2) to solve these riddles! Don't have one yet? CLICK HERE TO GET ONE

Question 1
"Dneirf esolc" rof drow rehtona.


Question 2
Pollaw a kcap seod erus slles eh tahw!


Question 3
Gnidliub demeht drac gniyalp eht fo tnorf eht no si ti tub, duol tuo dias reven saw noitacol siht fo eman eht.