The Trial of Wendy's Word Search

Welcome to this week's challenge - the Trial of Wendy's Word Search.

If you can decode and answer each of these riddles, then you'll score yourself a downloadable Word Search made by Wendy to help everyone kill downtime while working the register at the Mystery Shack!

NOTE: This challenge has been reduced to three riddles in order to decrease it's difficulty.

KEY: D=1 A=V

HINT: Don't be afraid to get an answer wrong. An incorrect answer unlocks a hint that may help you solve the riddle!

DOUBLE HINT: If the riddle's answer is a number, then enter the NUMERAL - not the word for the number!

Question 1
Roloc siht gnieb ysae ton s'ti


Question 2
Drow eht ton laremun eht tsuj


Question 3
Tnemenifnoc yratilos ni mih tup t'ndid ehs tsael ta